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South Ferriby Parish Council

On this page you can find out about the work of the Parish Council. The Parish Council is the lowest level of local government and carries out a number of statutory obligations. It acts as a link with North Lincolnshire Council to ensure that issues arising in the village are brought to the attention of Council officials.

Financials - 2016

Annual Return 2015-2016

Summary Receipts & Payments accounts

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Audited Annual Return

Telephone Kiosk

South Ferriby Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has adopted the telephone kiosk from BT.
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Annual Parish Meeting 2016

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Council Meetings

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Next Council Meeting

Monthly Parish Council meeting:
Monday 12th June 2017 at 7.00pm
in South Ferriby Village Hall.

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Recent Parish Council Documents

Parish Council Minutes April 2017
Parish Council Minutes March 2017
Parish Council Minutes February 2017
Parish Council Minutes December 2016
Parish Council Minutes November 2016
Parish Council Minutes October 2016
Parish Council Minutes September 2016
Parish Council Minutes August 2016
Parish Council Minutes July 2016
Parish Council Minutes June 2016
Chairman's Report May 2016
Parish Council Minutes May 2016
Annual Parish Council Minutes May 2016
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes May 2016
Parish Council Minutes April 2016
Parish Council Minutes March 2016
Parish Council Minutes February 2016

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Archived Material
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Notice Board

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Parish Council Clerk

Louise Ward
9 New Road
North Lincolnshire
DN20 0PE

T: 01652 618617

Office Hours:
10am - 3pm Monday to Friday

E: clerk@southferribyparish

Parish Council Members

Cllr. Roy Holloway

T: 01652 635417 - cllrholloway@southferribyparish

Vice Chair:
Cllr. Alan Fisher

T: 01652 637406 -

Cllr. Dewi Bennett
T: 07765 896669 - cllrbennett@southferribyparish

Cllr. Noreen Cecil-Purvis
T: 01652 636544 - cllrcecil-purvis@southferribyparish

Cllr. Sara Haddon
T: 07808 958957 -

Cllr. Paul Heathfield
T: 07988 766377 -

Cllr. Dave Mouncey
T: 07799 151255 -

Cllr. Sharron Sibson
T: 07947 090619 - cllrsharronsibson

Ward Councillors

Ward Cllr Rob Waltham
T: 01652 652021 - rob.waltham@

Ward Cllr Carl Sherwood
T: 01652 655202 - cllr.carlsherwood@

Ward Cllr Nigel Sherwood
T: 01652 657882 - cllr.nigelsherwood@

Councillors Declarations of Interests

Full Contact List


Supporting Documents Monthly Meeting

Application for Donations for Voluntary Organisations Form
CURRENTLY 2 VACANCIES...Application can be made through the Parish Clerk
Reviewing Planning Applications
Grant Applications
Road Traffic & pedestrain saftey